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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  September 4, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. tonight the democrats answer all the critics from the republican convention when their own party's party kicks off with two big speeches appeal to go key two voting blocs. san antonio mayor hualien castro and first lady michelle obama. no secret that the obama campaign is trying to win over hispanics and women. now, they do have a big lead
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with both, but will need to hold or build on it for november. and before either speaker takes the stage, the president will be campaigning in norfolk, virginia today. a state that just happens to be 54% women. let me write in roll call politics reporter and political editor. welcome to both of you. so michelle obama. i think her job is maybe uniquely complicated. she's very well liked. viewed favorably by almost seven in ten americans. but he's well liked, too. you can love someone and, i don't know, still not want to live with them? can you think barack obama is a great guy but maybe he hasn't shown you that he can solve the country's problems? what is michelle obama's job tonight? >> it's to simply humanize her husband and build on the high like ability score for him. the first lady has appalachin a
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rating of nine points higher than her husband. so her job hands down is to just make him seem like a family man. >> doesn't he already have that reputation? as you said, people love her. they definitely like him in comparison to barack obama. mark halperin says she'll actually have a couple of things here. middle class and military families. she'll talk not just about the president's life, raised by a single mom with a grandmother who got up early, went to her job at a think about a, but that he's the person who understands what working class americans need. is that what she should be doing? >> all our polling shows that people think the economy is not actually doing that well and they're worried about the president and the economy. what they like about him is they view him as caring and they view him as cariing about understanding their problems much more than mitt romney.
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michelle obama's job is to reinforce that, remind them that he does care about the middle class. so emphasize what he's done already and emphasize his empathy. that's a big thing for him. i think you'll hear a lot about that tonight. >> you'll also see the president of planned parenthood tonight addressing the crowd. politico has a piece that talks about how they're not going to talk about abortion per se, but they'll try to reframe the debate, talk about women's health. being able to get a mammogram, get cancer screenings, contraception. is that an issue that will resonate far more broadly than abortion? >> yeah, i think so. i think issues like birth control which is what we've seen a debate centered over women's rights and women's issues about in congress this year, i think birth control is going to be something they bring up and, yeah, not every american obviously is pro-choice or pro-life or somewhere in the middle, but birth control is an
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issue that is a concern to a lot of women. it it's a more widespread issue. >> and it was said on "morning joe" today. >> do you agree with mitt romney's prescription that russia is the most dangerous threat to the united states? >> about if you live in 209th century, you might believe that, but the bottom line is we're living in the 21st century. >> the whole idea there will is that this is a guy who is out of touch. barack obama's in touch, mitt romney is out of touch. and she even he told the huffington "post" i can't understand why any woman would want to vote for mitt romney except maybe mrs. romney. is this a theme we'll be hearing, that he doesn't get it? >> absolutely. women are a big swing in the election. mitt romney's speech last week, he named essentially every woman he's ever been close to. his wife, he talked about miss chief of staff, he he talked about his lieutenant governor.
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condi rice. you can tell he knows he has ten point deficit with women and romney is really aggressively trying to close that. and the president's job tonight and the job of the dnc speakers is to make sure to remind people that the republicans' views on issues. pot just in terms of abortions and women's rights, but also women tend to be more liberal on education and taxes. and i think you'll hear michelle obama speak out on those issues, as well. it's not just a women's issue thing. just in general women are such a big bloc. white women the biggest swing group. and that's who this convention is targeting. >> perry, shira, stay with me. i want to bring in dan jones, president of rebuild the dream. good to see you. good morning. >> i want to play a clip from the president yesterday. he was in toledo, ohio. >> they know that everybody if you don't buy into their plan, even if you don't vote for them, they're thinking, well, maybe we'll discourage people, we'll get folks so disillusioned by
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all these negative ads that you'll just decide to sit this one out. >> but he also went on to sort of suggest it's not just the negative ads. he understands that people still have some lingering concerns. are you concerned about enthusiasm? a lot has been written about how different this is than 2008. and is there a chance to sort of recapture that do you think over these next several days? >> well, it's definitely a different election. but the last time it was a big hope election. this time it fears more like a fear election. both sides afraid of what the other side will do. but i think what's going to happen, and you're seeing it happen already, people are starting to rally back to the president. i think what they realize, here's a president that at least tried. here's a president, the republican party says look at all the failures of brarack obama. they sound like lose ciucy holde ball and every time she moves it, they say charlie brown can't
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kick. they took bad for four years and while obama has tried to rescue the country, they're just watching the bodies pile up on the beach hoping that america will fire the lifeguard. this that is the problem with the republicans. and people are beginning to remember, hey, wait, this guy's on our side. he's trying to cut his own taxes rpgs, romney trying to cut his own taxes, obama is trying to cut our taxes. so i think you'll see, people will remember why they like obama, they'll remember that he was sabotaged and give him a second chance. >> i think about what carolyn kennedied told the "new york times"s. they may not be as exi will rated as they were the last time, but i think they are just as committed. >> yes, i think that's well said. >> to be committed, does that mean that you're going to knock on doors, does that mean you'll go to phone banks, does that mean you'll talk to your neighbors some do you need to have that sense of exhilaration i guess is what i'm really
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asking. >> everybody knows that you'll see less of that this year than before partly because last time he was a young outsider coming in. this time he's a president, he's been forthere for a while. >> but do you sense a level disappointment? >> of course. listens, people are hurting. you got people sitting on a white hot stove economically. and they want to holler to the pea tarty, with occupy wall street. the pain is there. but when you get down to it, who do you you believe is actually going to do something to resolve the pain and who is trying to make the pain worse so they can can gain politically? i think what you'll see as people begin to look at these options after labor day, people will say, listen, i don't believe the guy who is basically running for office promising to cut his own taxes will help me. that will be the bottom line on it. >> you told the huffington "post" we thought we had everything fwheneeded to govern. obama, pelosi, 60 votes in the senate. turns out we had a third of what
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we needed. you need media on the side like republicans have with fox, you need a movement in the street like they have with the tea party. it turns out if you don't have the media or the movement, you'll get beat to butter on the government level. and i guess the question a lot of people are asking including many progressives is maybe the reason you might feel beat to butter is because maybe he could have gone bigger with financial reform. more outreach to labor. more troops back from afghanistan. would that have energized the base more and does he have to address those things over the next three days? >> i absolutely think that there were mistakes made by the white house that left the base feeling they brought somebody to the ball and they ever got a chance to dance with them. that's true. you're beginning to see that change over the past six month, you've seen obama realize lucy will keep moving that ball. so i think that's important. but it was never supposed to be, yes, he can. it was supposed to be yes, we
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can. too many of us, not everybody, but too many of us after we came back from the inauguration, we were all happy and honeymooning. we sat down and some other people stood up. i'm not mad at the tea party for being so loud. i'm mad at the rest of us for having been so quiet for the past several years. that changes now. we got to win politically in november. stop this this tea party takeover of our country and then we got to turn right back around in december and insist that we win economically on the budget battle. and this time, it's but you win and you continue to build you power, hold the president accountable. you've got to have a plan in the white house or a woman in the white house who can be moved, but you got to have a movement to do the moving. that means protests. that means buying ads, being tough on the white house to make sure they do the right thing for the country. but it will take 100 times more work to get a romney to do half of the right thing than it will too get obama to do 100% of the right thing. so i think americans are smart enough to know a guy running for office, his only plan so far is to cut his own taxes, is for
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tthe not going to make america better. >> van jones, thanks so much. and part of this problem that barack obama has identified and that van jones is addressing, as well, is that a lot of money is be raised in this campaign, now politico reporting the romney campaign for the third straight month raised $100 million in august. and even he has admitted republicans will outrise ham. he just heard bill burton say his super pac raised $10 million. could that be the difference in a race that may swing on a point or two? >> a lot of people have talked about it that way, that the republicans between super pacs and romney's incredible fund-raising will just blow democrats out of the way in terms of the ad wars. especially in key states such as ohio. but i think the thing about this election is that if there's money that you need in a campaign, it will be found. there's no shortage of cash.
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i don't think either side will win or lose this race because they couldn't find enough money to run an ad somewhere in the cleveland media market. >> it is, perry, the money. and again we'll see what happens in september and october. but isn't it at least symbolically a sign of enthusiasm? >> yes, inks it thini think it. mccain raised so little money compared to the president last time. republicans are more excited. not necessarily about romney, but more about defeating president obama than they were in '08. sheri's right, though. the money will be close now where obama can compete. the key question is romney will have a little more money in most states the president has a better organized staff and more volunteers, they're more prepared to turn out the vote based on building up in 2008. so it will be a question of like money and ads versus on romney's side versus organization and get out the vote on obama side. a state like north carolina will be a big test to that.
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>> perry, sheri, thanks to both of you. president obama is promising flood weary residents in louisiana the government will do everything possible to better protect people during hurricanes. he toured damage from hurricane isaac yesterday and praised flood victims for their per have a perseverance. >> one thing you know about folks in louisiana, they are resilient. people in mississippi, they are revil resilie resilient. they know what it tough times are like, but they know they can bounce back. >> meantime residents are facing sweltering heat during cleanup. the heat index expected to hit 100 today. and still more than 100,000 people six days later are without power along the gulf coast. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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one of the things you'll be hearing a lot this week from democrats is that mitt rom any's policies align per textually with right wing idea logs and the dems will criticize the tea party driven agenda. i'm joined by jim clyburn. always good to see you congressman. and appreciate you sitting out there in the heat. president obama himself admitted to charlie rose earlier this summer that he kind of underestimated the degree to which politics trumps problem solving in will washington. so why should americans believe another four years will be any different? >> well, i think most american people who have been watching this campaign know full well that there is a tremendous contrast between president obama and his policies and what's being articulated by the other side. all the gloom and doom we heard last week down in tampa, florida, people know that this
10:18 am
president promised to bring the law in iraq to a close and that's been done. he promised to save the automobile industry. that's been done. this president has promised to deliver to the american people affordable accessible health care. that's been done. and much more could have been done if he could get some cooperation from the other side. and i think most american people know that the president has time and time again tried to move the country forward and from day one, the evening that he was inaugurated, republicans were meeting in washington to try and bring down his presidency. and people know he that. so the president, not knowing about that meeting and thinking that he was was on the up and up did not realize the extent to which the republicans would go to try to sometime any his programs. i think most american people
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know that and they're beginning to focus on it. >> to your point, congressman, president obama did promise back in 2000 # 8 to close the partis divide. let me splay that for you. >> in this country we rise or fall as one nation, as one people. let's resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship. the immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long. >> four years later, here's what he said to "usa today." i have done my best over the past four years to try to bridge that divide so that how the american people view these problems in common accepsense practical ways is more reflective of what goes on in washington. i haven't always been successful obviously, but that's my goal. you know what the republicans say. they say that sounds a lot like i haven't done it yet, but trust me, i will. what do you say to that
10:20 am
argument? >> my tad used to tell me nothing beats a failure but a try. this president has beaten failure because he's tried. if the difference between me and the other side are five steps, i don't mind taking lee of thethr. but the other side ought to be willing to take two. the pact is they have not been willing to meet this president on any issue. when you have a member of congress saying his idea of compromise is when the democrats start doing it the republican way, that's not the way this country is organized. i've been married for 51 years. what kind of marriage would i have had if my idea of compromise is the spouse doing my way. that's not the way things work. and i think most american people know that is correct they're focused on that and they won't allow just say no to be the way
10:21 am
of the future. >> a lot of men are listening to you, congressman, but not to put any pressure on because you've got this speech on, but dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schwartz has called you the voice of the middle class and they hope your speech will help energize the base. we just heard van jones acknowledge that perhaps people there are not as excited as they were back in 2008. so how do you do that? give us a preview. >> well, i will say to everybody tonight, the american people looking in, as well, that just look at the record. he promised to end the war will in iraq. that's done. he promised to make al qaeda an endangered species. that's done. he promised to deliver affordable accessible health care. that's done. >> and what the republicans would say, congressman, is that unemployment rate is stuck where it was, that we still have
10:22 am
millions of people out of jobs, and ultimately that people's decision when they go to that voting booth should rise or fall on who will move the economy forward. >> i would say to them please do not forget september 2008. it was september you 2008 this month four years ago when henry paulson came into the room and told us about partisan leadership of the congress that within 30 days, things will crash in this country if we don't do something. so the president was given a sick patient, a sick economy. his first thing was to stabilize the patient. and then start putting in a remedy. we now you have 29 consecutive months of private sector job growth. number two, i checked this morning. it's down now to number 17 because people are going back to work, people are being
10:23 am
energized. i do not believe for one moment that the democratic electorate is not going to be energized for this campaign and i would say to them you've got a lot to vote for, let's go and spread the word. >> congressman, good to see you. now the democrats have unveiled their party platform, let's take a look at the differences on key points. taxes. the democrats want to extend the bush era cuts just for families making less than $250,000 a year. the republicans would extend them for everyone pending reform of the tax code. abortion. the democrats say they unequivocally support roe v wade. republican platform calls for a ban in all cases. same-sex marriage, democrats favor equal rights. republican platform does not recognize same-sex marriage.
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mitt romney is getting an endorsements of sorts from nicki minaj who throws out this line in a song. ♪ by the way, that short clip is about all we can play for you without bleeping out every other word. the head of the mass has democrats is apologizing for calling scott brown an honorary girl. the official was mocking this ad where the senator folds towels as his wife describes how he's helped her and their family. john walsh said, quote, in the good excitement of getting the hissage out about how important it is to reelect president obama and elect elizabeth warren, i made a statement about scott brown that i regret. i apologize for that remark. the huffington "post" reports that several employees whose companies were taken over by bain capital will speak at the dnc. and you now here's politico's list of people to watch at the
10:28 am
convention this week. joaquin castro, hualien castro's twin brother. joyce beatty, a favorite of man city pelosi who is running for congress in ohio. kamala harris, and two female veterans running for congress, tammy duckworth in illinois and t tuls chlt gabbert in ohio. and will the testimonies turn down the star power for their convention? the hollywood reporter answers with an unequivocal no. read who will be there and who just might. it's on our facebook page. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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democrats machine to give an answer to the question that three top advisers botched over the weekend echoing ron ameald reagan's fame you us question, are you better off. >> i really ask the 23 million people struggling in america today if we're better off than we were four years ago. we've had unemployment above #% for 42 months despite the president's claims. we're not better off than we were four years ago. >> joe biden had at least part of the answer in his stump speech for months how. >> you want to know whether we're better off? i got a little bumper sticker for you. osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> i'm joined by democratic pollster stan greenberg. good to see you. good morning. >> good to see you. >> why did three democrats, top people in the campaign, have such a hard time responding to
10:33 am
the better off question on nday? >> you know, i understand it because they really are identifying with the struggle that people are going through. and it makes such a difference whether you have obama with his approach to the middle class versus the republican approach trickle down that they wanted to stay focused on the future. so i get it. but i think the real clearance now and if you focus on the country, there isn't any question. given 750,000 jobs lost a month, we're in a better position. >> but is there a fine line? you can't sound too overly enthusiastic. you can't do cheer leading rah-rmpt rah rah-rah because it sounds like you're insensitive. >> i think it's now clearer that you're reflecting i think the understanding people have about the country. the voters i think are very sophisticated. they know the seriousness of the crisis.
10:34 am
they know it's unique in our history. it's a you unique crisis. they know the debt that we face. right now if you ask in a poll who is responsible for the debt, who is responsible for the economy, overwhelmingly voters say bush more than obama. that's like amazing. but they don't want the president blaming the past president. what they want to know is what are you going to do. and they are focused on the country. and the republicans have a marrow question which they take from ronald reagan, it's very personal. it misses the big analysis that the people have for the country. and the aspirations they have for the country. so i think it's a big opportunity. i'm glad we're having the debate. >> elizabeth warren who is seen as a raising star in the party is speaking tomorrow. let me play for you you what she said about the need for democrats to focus on the middle class. >> america's middle class has been hammered, squeezed and chipped at for a generation now. it has to stop. >> we've also heard and michelle obama just talked about this in
10:35 am
a radio interview that she did. she's going to talk about the middle class in her speech tonight. not just the warm and fuzzy here's this barack obama who is a nice guy, but also about his values and why those values will best serve the middle class. how do you best bring that argument? if that's the center pethe message, how do you frame that. >> the president has already advocated to advance it. he said this country faces a crisis of the middle class, the future of the middle class, a stake in this election. i think those speeches are very much in line with in a and it's part of a bigger analysis which makes the republican convention look so small by comparison. people understand that we've lost income, american job, we've grown more indebted over a very long period. they know it takes a long time to get out of it. and we have big things to do to get there. and what i think these leaders
10:36 am
are showing including michelle obama, including the senate candidate in massachusetts, that we get it, we understand the struggles they're going through. and what matters to have a president who understands it, who has a plan for the future. and that is such a different place than the small question the republicans tried to possess after a convention. >> there were surprising results i thought in a pew research center poll where an overwhelming number, 86% of americans said that having a secure job is the most important requirement for being middle class. used to be homeown ownership wa key part of that. not anymore. college education. so you've got unemployment still above 8%. you've got jobs numbers coming out this friday and the friday before the election. talk a little bit about that and how this has to play into the democrat's narrative. >> it's why james carville and i wrote the book it's the middle class, stupid. because we've been facing three decades, a generation and came change in the country and the
10:37 am
hopes of america having an as pairing middle class. all that stuff is at risk. and the voter understands it. they're looking for a big discussion on that subject. they understand they have lost 40% of their wealth since this crisis began. they know that income hasn't gone none three decades. let's have a debate that really addresses the need for the middle class in a big way. and i think that's what the democrats are set up to come in the senate races and the presidential election, as well. >> stan greenburg. >> xw to have ygood to have you program. also making news, the controversial memoir by a navy s.e.a.l. hits bookstores today. in spite of objectionses from the pentagon. the pentagon is threatening legal action against the author saying he violated secrecy agreements. pre-orders have put it on the we
10:38 am
best seller's list. closing arguments set today in the murder trial of drew peterson, accused of killing his third wife who drowned in her bathtub in 2004. initially that death was treated as an accident, but that was until peterson's fourth wife stacy disappeared in 2007. hollywood is mourning the death of larger than life actor michael clarke duncan, the 54-year-old died yesterday after suffering a heart attack almost two months ago. he had been hospitalized since. duncan was best known for his oscar nominated role in the green mile, a death row inmate with a special gift. tom hanks, duncan's co-star, said, quote, he was a big love of a man and his passing leaves us stunned. now to summer movies. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. big blockbusters this summer, but overall a disappointment. >> it really was. attendance was down nearly 4%. ticket sales came in at $4.28 billion, which was also down
10:39 am
bi-2bi about 2.8%. at the start of summer, we had the biggest opening set by the avengers. but then as summer has drawn to a close, we got the movie that earned the dubious distinction of the worst opening of all-time, which was the big balloon adventure. it's a mouthful of a movie. it was a family movie. and it only earned $448,000 over the whoholiday weekend. so it really was a bit of a disappointment. >> and coming to a store near you, specifically bloomingdale's, something called the virtual dressing room. the virtual dressing room. >> right. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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back to the news. president obama says he will outline concrete plans for the next four years on thursday. >> i'll offer you what i believe is a better path forward. a path that's going to grow this economy and create more good jobs and strengthen the middle class. >> i'm joined by nbc news deputy political editor and former santorum campaign senior strategist. i should also say that governor ed rendell was supposed to be with us and he is stuck in that nasty traffic at the convention. mark, let me start with you. here's the case as you know that republicans have tried to make. barack obama is a nice guy who just isn't up to the job.
10:45 am
is that the convention's main challenge to rebut that? >> i think what president obama is going to really try to do, this is a candidate who ran on change four years ago and clearly when you're running for re-election as president, you can't run on change. it's just not what you can to. dy a pie i did a piece on this a year ago and i think it still holds true. he'll have to tout some accomplishments. but he's also going to have to answer this question of are you better off. because the fact is that there are still 23 million people unemployed. that is a major drag on him. so there's a lot of talk about this likability with romney, but the economic drag is a big deal and he's going to have to try to lay out a vision for the country that's different from mitt romney's. >> part of it, john, is how you look at where we are right now. and the president has told "usa today" he wants to frame the election as, quote, a clear choice as there's been in my
10:46 am
life time between two as a result allfundamentally differe visions for the future. they've put it in the context of a choice instead of a referendum. if they're able to do that, if they're able to make that argument successfully, is it game over for mitt romney? >> absolutely not. first of all, it's not going to work that way. people will look at it and ask the question does he deserve to be reelected. his own advisers this weekend refuse to answer the question are you better off than you were four years ago. the problem they have at this convention is that the narrative that, well, it could could have been a lot worse doesn't make a real good bumper sticker. and so i think that they're going to move to any area that they can other than the record but frankly, people expect this president to explain why we aren't better off and why he's not the one responsible for that. >> in a way there's a flip side. showing that i'm the one who leads you forward s.
10:47 am
is that the second message for democrats to show he what they say americans would look like under a romney administration? and if that's what they have to do, here's where romney would take you, is there a fine line between effective imagery and coming off especially in prime time with the independent voters as alarmists or using scare tactics? >> i think he needs to be substantive. he needs to layout a plan going forward that people can really say, okay, here's this second term vision for the president. what would he actually accomplish. there's a lot of what we've heard is really small ball. the obama campaign will point you to the fact that very a deficit reduction plan on their website. but you really don't hear them talking that much about it. paul ryan, the pick of paul ryan certainly gave president obama a huge target. what he needs to do is be able to pick apart what mitt romney and paul ryan want to do, but lay out a substantive plan so people who think he hasn't
10:48 am
accomplished everything they hoped he would, how he would do that going toward becausemisgiv ryan. >> so far romney hasn't gotten a bounce from the republican convention. he's actually lost a point. historically we he see that for example john mccain got a six point bounce four years ago goe ago, bill clinton 1points. he also got the lowest score on a speech since she started rating them. just 38% of americans said romney's speech was excellent or good. so if president obama hits all the points he needs to make, will he get a bigger bounce and is that momentum important? >> first of all, i doubt there will be for this simple reason. it is harder to get a bounce today because of the polarization. there is so few people that haven't already made up their mind for president that there's fewer people in play. second of all, conventions have come where they're now weak long infomercials. and i believe voters are a little bit suspicious that in a sense they're being motivated
10:49 am
and manipulated even by some of these conventions. so i do believe it's much harder whether romney or obama to get big bounces. >> i'm saying that guess the republicans, democrats are trying to down play expectations that this will move a needle in a race that frankly has not had the needle moved for months. >> more than $550 million or so has been spent on negative ads or just television ads and hasn't moved the needle pretty much. 90% of people saying they're locked in place. but these conventions are really important for drumming up enthusiasm. and one place where the president and democrats have struggled is they may have big margins with young voters, big margins with latinos, but they need to get the enthusiasm up because so far we've seen young voters, their intensity much further down in our poll.
10:50 am
>> let me get the take on the importance of all this money spent and again the needle not moving. maybe that will change as people get closer to the election. maybe it will be the debates that help move the theelgd. b needle. but the end, enthusiasm with all the high tech we have, that ground game and the enthusiasm of the base, will that decide this election? >> it very well hey. and both sides have their own base problems. mitt romney was seen as not really conservative enough for many. and they spent a big part of their convention really activating those conservatives, moving them from voters to people who will work the polls, put on bumper stickers, make phone calls. i think the president also has a problem with the more liberal base. i don't think they feel that they got all they were expecting out of this president. and i think they have some work to do at this convention. >> gentlemen, great to see both of you. thank you. today's tweet of the day comes from sam youngman who writes just dropped romney off at kerry healy's house in the ilgd in of nowhere vermont.
10:51 am
the guy apparently trainses for debates like rocky. [ male announcer ] research suggests the health of our cells plays a key role
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the numbers are down sharply from four years ago. 30 million people watched mitt romney deliver his speech, but that's 23% from those who watched john mccain's speech. twitter growing by leaps and bounds. 365,000 tweets combined during the 2008 conventions, 5 million this year from the republicans alone. >> they're booth using it when watching tv as well as when they have views. 2012 could be 1996 all over again. soccer moms could be back. in 1996, the ap calleded it one of the top four phenomena of 1996. they were middle class and sub sur ban and making news. >> they're called soccer moms. they may be the most influential voters in the country right now.
10:55 am
in fact, surroundsing that election, susan carroll said close to 200 articles were written on soccer moms. bob dole mentioned it in a debate and bill clinton was thought to be leading with that group. today adam justice calls them dot moms. he says they're the same demographic, but more sophisticated, influential and informed. and they use social media. market research firm npd group found that 79% of moms with kids under 18 use social media. .essential difference here with dot moms is they network more. for instance, their networks span more generations in outside traditiona family and friends circles. moms over 40 are more active than younger moms. take it a look at these numbers. whether's also differe what's also different is that moms are influenced on social media. after daily use of social media today, it's grown to 4 before
10:56 am
the time that they are influenced for other mothers. that's the opportunity to campaign into the dom mom's networks through social media. >> it's a fascinating report and yet i can't get the song ultimate of my head. richard, thank you so much. okay. that wraps up this hour of jansing and company. join me tomorrow when my guests will include beth purchaerdue a senator cardin and much more. ed" double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies.
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